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Professional Sound and all its applications and modern trends throughout the range of Facilities of any kind, will be one of the main pillars of the iNTERLiNKED Expo.

In addition to sound systems for small, medium and large scale live applications, the exhibition will focus especially on Sound installation systems intended for permanent installations in venues of all kinds and to meet different needs and budgets.

iNTERLiNKED Expo Visitors will be able see and hear audio systems (mixers, DSP processors, speaker amplifiers, matrix systems, concert systems), integrated Audio networking solutions and effective audio coverage applications such as conference centers, meeting rooms, multi purpose venues, cultural venues, hotels, musical scenes, clubs, bars, theaters, cinemas, retail stores, coffee shops, gyms, halls, and stadiums, multi room home facilities, multi-zone audio facilities in business and multiroom recording and rehearsal studios, as well as announcement systems and voice evacuation systems.


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