About iNTERLiNKED Expo Southeastern Europe 2019

The evolution of the event...

INTERLiNKED did not come out of nowhere! It is the evolution of a 10-year route, the successful ISS and Music World Expo exhibitions and their adaptation to today's technological needs!

November 2008

ISS was the first exhibition in Greece that impressed the convergence of technologies in professional audiovisual applications for Installation and Live Environment...

May 2011

The first Music World Expo came to unite the world of Music and its broader technologies for Live and Studio environments...

May 2016

The second Music World Expo has been characterized as the most complete and dynamic exhibition of the audio-visual industry so far...


May 2017

The innovation of Music World Expo 2017 was the seminars, conferences and workshops that worked alongside the exhibition, while preparing the ground for the transformation of the exhibition in its current form and its renaming to iNTERLiNKED Southeastern Europe ...


Description of iNTERLiNKED Expo Southeastern Europe 2019

iNTERLiNKED Southeastern Europe
Having knowledge of the transformation of international exhibitions, industry prospects and the needs of the domestic market, the Music World Expo organizers have changed the name and the categories of successful exhibitions to iNTERLiNKED Southeastern Europe, focusing more on developing industries such as Audio Visual, Lighting integration, installation, digital signage, broadcast media and smart building etc and their networking and control via IT.

"Greece of Opportunities" is driven by Technology
It is commonly accepted by the markets that in the immediate future 'Greece of the crisis' will be transformed by steady steps into 'Greece of opportunities', and this route will be driven by Technology, mainly due to the maturing of convergence and compatible interconnection between individual technologies and applications ...

Why Southeastern Europe?
Greece's strategic position at the crossroads of three continents, its stability and the fact that a significant number of companies in the broader technological sector of our country are already active in foreign countries (South-Eastern Europe, Cyprus, the Middle East, etc.) are elements that constitute the pillars for the gradual 'building' of the 'international' character of the exhibition, but also provide for a great incentive for exhibitors and visitors who wish to address their needs for extroversion in practice.

Α business 2 business event
Another important innovation is that the event is transformed primarily into a targeted professional event (b2b). Having every year as our main audience and customer base the professionals of sound, lighting and imaging industry, we are also expanding our efforts to attract new audiences interested in the developments in the Installation / Digital Signage / Broadcasting / Smart Buildings areas.

New Date
In Greece, where Tourism is generally recognized as the heavy industry and with the services of the exhibitors & visitors to be very demanding during the spring and summer season, we have decided and moved the event earlier, before the end of the year, at a time where the professional obligations of professionals in the audio-visual sector and installers are more limited rather than the Spring Date on which the previous date of the event was set.

During this period (November), several companies as well as professional venues (restaurants, hospitals, concert venues, clubs, bars etc) are usually in search of solutions and equipment for the upcoming spring and summer season, so the time of the event is theoretically better based on industry data and the broader market targeted by the companies and professionals involved in the exhibition.

Parallel Events
Having made an important step in the previous event, with 4 conference main topics in two days with more than 40 distinguished speakers, we are preparing and updating the conference program of the upcoming event. Our plans are to attract speakers from Greece and abroad who will be able to give with their speeches a clear and up to date picture of the current and future developments in each sector and also to present in detail the possibilities offered by the new technologies.

Targeted conferences will provide a powerful incentive for industry professionals as well as for individuals looking for integrated audio-visual technology applications and solutions for venues.

In addition to the 2-day conference, seminars, workshops and hands-on events will be held by the organizers and exhibitors interested in having a multi-faceted and integrated exhibition presence.

The 2019 Event Goals
The main goals of the organizers for iNTERLiNKED Southeastern Europe 2019 are:

*Enriching the content of the exhibition with the participation of more exhibitors, products and services.

* More targeted audience.

* Organize more educational - informative conferences & seminars.

* More effective outdoor demos and events.

* Establishment of the exhibition within the wider region, with the presence of distinguished visitors / speakers as well as exhibitors.

* Lay the foundations for iNTERLiNKED Southeastern Europe to consolidate itself as the largest exhibition not only in Greece but also in the wider Southeastern European region.

In order to achieve all of this, we also look forward to the full support, cooperation and trust of exhibitors and visitors, as they did in our previous events.

2016 Recap Video


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